About Us

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Compressors Insights provides product and brand reviews as well as how-to-guides about air compressors.  We provide our readers with unbiased, honest opinions so they can make informed decisions when purchasing an air compressor for their needs.

Due to many options available and complexity of air compressors it can be difficult  to know what type of compressor you will need for your project. Therefore, you need someone who understands the important parameters of an air compressor such as PSI, CFM, Tank size, and so on.

I’m Hamza, an Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in several industries that includes the application of air compressors, such as injection molding, automotive repair, and service stations.

I started this website to help people understand the differences of air compressors and enable them to make the right choice for their project and uses.  Besides myself, I formed a team of technicians to review the many compressor products and share their experience to help people understand more about air compressors and choose the right one for their projects.

While we strive to cover all major topics around air compressors that cause confusion, if there is something that is not covered yet, feel free to message us and our team will make sure to help you.